Maintenance of the cooling pad
DATE:2017-12-06    HITS:673

1 ) There should not be placed the cooling pad around the radioactive substances, corrosive substances and odor, peculiar smell of goods, in order to ensure that the outgoing air is fresh and clean.

2 ) After one year of use, the water pump and water regulating valve shall be maintained, and the evaporation medium shall be thoroughly cleaned, meantime the water pressure during cleaning shall not be too high to avoid damaging the wet curtain. If compressed air is available, the effect will be better if the water supply pipe valve and tap water ball valve are closed for a long time to prevent damage to the system and mosquito breeding.

3 ) If the system tripped due to a fault, please correct the fault before pressing the air or leakage switch

4 ) The cooling medium can not be subjected to external or man-made collision, and will be deformed after collision.

5 ) Water in the water tower, suction air from the outside through the exhaust fan will suck in dust from the air, dust from the cooling pad through the water flow back to the water tower, so the water in the water tower to often replace and clean.